Beyond the usual suspects

When Cheapflights came knocking seeking a surge of coverage beyond the usual suspects of national travel media, the Tigers sprang into action. A focus on themed content pillars: Thought Leadership, In Journey and Connecting People helped create the intriguing news stories. Plus a ubiquitous presence across industry events and awards, a VIP media visit and educational with key travel editors and rapid reactive activity generated continuous standout coverage both on and off the travel pages.

We are the masters of neologisms. We coin terms. The Postcode pinch. The Platt effect.

Now Cheapflights are recognised as a serious contender in consumer, personal finance, consumer affairs and travel media. Now, when media need the skinny – and fast – on industry trends, Cheapflights is one of their first ports of call. Whether it’s commenting on boozy Brits in the Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph using our search stats to comment on Zika, Airline food, and seat pitch or MTV  picking up our travel hacks.