One the truly rare occasions our client needs extend beyond the Tiger brain trust, we maintain a relationship network of reliable and cost effective partners whose services integrate seamlessly with ours.

Our range of partner PR agencies include: Rockhopper PR, Hamilton PR, IDeal Public Relations and Blakeborough PR.

For trade marketing, we bow to the the explosive experience of the team at Ignite. Led by Managing Director Damian O’Grady, Ignite combines a passion for creative sales and marketing programmes with over 30 years experience in the international tourism sector. Between Damian, Partner Consultant Sarah Parry and Consultant Phillip Britain Ignite packs a powerful punch.

For big stunts that demand attention, or events to truly knock socks off, we sometimes partner with Cult PR. This multi-award winning agency is made up of former national newspaper and magazine journalists so they know exactly what’s going to grab the media’s attention.