Praise for White Tiger

“White Tiger White Tiger, burning bright,
A PR firm that gets it right.

And they’re nice people too.”

Nigel Thompson, Travel Editor, Daily & Sunday Mirror

“Working with White Tiger PR is always a pleasure. Not only does Cass understand the needs of her clients she understands what journalists need too – a much under-rated skill!”

Maxine Clayman, Freelance digital editor, travel and parenting journalist.

“Rob was friendly, extremely informative – knowing a lot more about the destination than many other PRs I deal with, for whom a location seems to be little more than another country on their books. This personal enthusiasm really made a difference.”

Karen B, PA News

“Cass is client-focussed, pleasant and professional. She understands how to use PR to the benefit of both the customer and Media.”

Steve Bennedik. Head of Technology, Sky News

“I’ve always been impressed with Rob’s professionalism, helpfulness and attention to detail. No request is too small and he works tirelessly for his clients – both in a day-to-day capacity and also on press trips.”

Katie Reich-Storer, former Senior Editor, Absolute Publishing

“Cass is one of the best PRs I’ve worked with in travel. She is full of energy and ideas, a great communicator, charismatic and hardworking and she fully understand the needs of journalists.”

Mark Hodson. SEO consultant, travel media trainer, co-founder at 101 Holidays

“Cass is cheerful, energetic and full of ideas. She was always willing to help us out at Business Travel World – good media relations are really important and it’s one of the reasons Cass is such a good PR!”

Betty Low. Publisher and business travel communications strategist